Hello most wonderful team!

I am excited to share with you this cool new feature of the website.  While we continue to make progress on how we communicate with the team, you will find some features here which will be helpful.  Let me share:

  1. Nursing schedule – On the right side you will find a .pdf of the current nursing schedule.  It will be our goal to have this up for you as soon as it is ready so you will know when your shift is.  Also, by having it on this website you will be able to access it at any time.
  2. Call off e-mail – This will be a way in which you can call-off for a shift.  By utilizing this feature however it does not automatically mean that your call-off is confirmed.  You will need to follow-up with a supervisor – however – it is a way to initiate that conversation especially if you loose a phone or do not have a number handy to contact when you are making the call-off.  As this website will be available to you, there should be no excuse for not letting someone know of your issue.
  3. This Blog – I will work to keep this updated with information you may need to know from the building, important events coming up and things that you will need to be aware of.

I hope you will all find this helpful as a way to see information easier and be able to access it from anywhere!  We will be changing the password to this website at the beginning of each month to help with the security of this information for our staff only.  We will be working on the best spot to post the new access password – most likely in the break room – so you will be able to find it quickly.

Thank you all so much for being a super awesome team!  It is such a pleasure to work with all of you.  Keep on smiling and let’s make it a great day for all our patients at Las Colinas!

Heather Peloquin – Director of Business Development 🙂