Other Important Services

Providing a full spectrum of services

As well as providing skilled nursing and therapy services, Las Colinas also provides our residents with the following services to make sure that their stay with us is as comfortable as possible.

Dental, Podiatry, Optometry and Audiology

All above services are available upon request and as ordered by your Attending Physician. Please know these services are not covered under the room and board care. The provider will bill your insurance and/or give you an estimated cost if private pay.

Activity Programs

At Las Colinas, the psychological well being of each resident is very important to us. We offer an ongoing program, seven days a week to meet the interests of each resident through physical and mental activities.Our recreational team offers a variety of activities. Some example includes: social gatherings, intellectual discussions, exercise classes, spiritual programs, arts and crafts classes, and an array of entertainment events. Our activity calendar changes monthly with new activities added accordingly. We strive to provide interactive and fun activities where everyone can participate. Our activities department and nursing staff motivate residents by reminding, encouraging, and escorting them to the group activities of their choice.

Nutritional Services

At Las Colinas, we are proud to have a full-time Registered Dietitian on our staff. For patients with special dietary needs, therapeutic menus are available and our dietitian will work directly with our kitchen staff to make sure those needs are met. When our residents have specific questions or concerns regarding dietary needs based on a current medical diagnosis or condition, our dietitian is readily available to assist them.

Religious Services

A variety of religious services are available to our residents. Please see the facility’s Activity Director to discuss scheduled services.

Social Services

Social Service Designees are senior advocates who seek to improve the quality of life and well being of each resident by helping residents cope with emotional, social and medical health care needs. They facilitate care conference, support groups, and provide counseling services for residents and their family members.

Transportation Services

The facility will assist in scheduling transportation service to outside appointments. The case management department will inform you if this service will be paid by your insurance or will need to be paid privately. If the outside appointment requires an attendant, the patient and/or family will be responsible in arranging someone to attend the appointment with the patient. If the patient does not have an attendant, but requires one, the facility may be able to schedule a CNA when informed in advance. However, this service will require private payment of $25/hour and may be paid through our business office prior to the appointment time.

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