Frequently Asked Questions

While we understand the process of being admitted into a skilled nursing facility can lead to a lot of questions for our prospective residents and their families, we hope this list of frequently asked questions is helpful.  However, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk at 909-984-8629.

Are you a Medicare/Medicaid certified skilled nursing facility?

Yes, we are a Medicare/Medicaid fully certified skilled nursing facility.

What are the visiting hours?

We believe that adequate rest is beneficial to both yours and our other residents’ recovery. Our suggested visiting hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 p.m. daily. After 8:00 pm, many of our residents are asleep, so it’s best to visit before that time. However, we are flexible on these times, especially based upon the individual medical and/or social needs of each patient.

What documents should I bring?

All pertinent medical records will be transferred to us by hospital case management or your doctor. Please bring the following documents on the day of your admission, if possible: Insurance cards/information, this may include: Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental, Private, VA, Medicare Part D, and Long Term Care Insurances. Medical and Financial Power of Attorney and Living Will documents should also be provided to the facility, if necessary.

Who do I contact regarding insurance and billing questions?

Our Business Office is available to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate resources to answer any insurance and/or billing questions you may have. Our business office is open during normal business hours— 9AM-5PM, Monday- Friday.

How much clothing should be provided for each patient?

Because a resident’s quality of life is often enhanced through interaction with others and participating in activities, we encourage our residents to change out of their sleeping attire and dress each day. We recommend that you bring in and maintain at the Center approximately 8-9 days worth of clothing. This will allow our laundry service and/or family members to clean and return clothing to the resident during their short or long term care with us. Due to limited storage space, we ask that you only bring the recommended amount of clothing applicable to the current season. To avoid damage, please be sure that all be wash and wear appropriate.

Is there a hairdresser available?

The beauty salon is open every Friday. Appointments can be made with the assistance of our Receptionists. We ask that all beautician services be pre-paid with a Receptionist or at our Business Office during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM).

May we bring family pets to visit?

Yes, we encourage pet visitation; however, for everyone’s safety, we request all pets visiting our facility be maintained on a leash or in a kennel carrier and supervised at all times. Pursuant to local health ordinances, we request all pets must be properly vaccinated and free of contagion as recommended.

Do residents have access to the internet?

WIFI is available in the facility; the password is available upon request. A desktop computer with internet service is also available for use to all patients in our facility’s Family Room, located near the front lobby.

Electronics lending program

At Las Colinas, we are proud to offer an electronics lending program to our patients in an effort to improve their stay with us. The items currently available are as follows:

  • Amazon Fire Tablets (with access to Netflix services)
  • Amazon Fire Sticks (will be plugged into your TV by our maintenance staff)
  • Bluetooth headphones

The above items may be borrowed from the facility upon request and will be based on availability. We lend out these items on a first come, first serve basis. If the item you wish to borrow is not currently available, we will put your name on a waiting list and provide it to you once another has been returned. If you would like to borrow an electronic item or have any questions regarding our lending program, please ask to speak to the Admissions Department.

Do you accept HMO/PPO patients?

Yes, our facility is contracted with many of the major HMOs in our area. We are currently contracted with the following health plans: Aetna, Blue Cross, Care 1st, Central Health, Choice Physician Network, Cigna, EPIC, IEHP, Molina, My Family Medical Group, Regal, Secure Horizons, United Healthcare, Universal Care/Brand New Day. We welcome other HMO/PPO plans where a Letter of Agreement (LOA) by the Health Plan or Long Term Care Insurance may be provided.

Do you provide parking to visitors?

For your convenience, we have visitor parking in our parking lot off Berlyn St., located at the back of the building.  Street parking is also available near the front entrance on 5th St. and at the side of the building on Berlyn St.

What types of activities are available?

We strive to create social programs and individualized activities to match the capabilities and needs of each resident whether they are in short term or long term care with us. This has a powerful impact in the healing process of those residents involved in rehabilitation. Specific activities include: active resident councils, musical performances, current events update, singing exercises, fitness activities, religious meetings, outside entertainment, games, and volunteer involvement. We also strongly encourage families to participate with the residents in various activities.

A monthly calendar is posted to keep residents informed of upcoming events such as birthday parties, movies, musical programs, outings, candlelight dinners, magic shows and other special events. We always welcome friends and families to visit and attend our special events. For information about activities offered or suggestion for upcoming activities, please speak to our Director of Activities.

How often does the doctor see the resident?

A patient’s physician is contacted at the time of their admission for medication orders, dietary requirements, and any other necessary information. The physician is required to see their patient within 3 days of admission into the facility and will make a minimum of one monthly visit thereafter. Additionally, a physician will always be available to answer calls made by our nursing staff.

What type of food is served?

At Las Colinas, we strive to serve our residents with both appetizing and nutritious meals. For patients with dietary restrictions, therapeutic menus/alternatives are available. Our menus change frequently, providing a variety of assorted meals. In between meal times, our kitchen staff provides nourishing snacks to our residents.

We feel we offer a pleasant dining experience to our residents and families where you can enjoy meals in our dining room, in one of our private outdoor patios, or private dining bedside. Guests are welcome to dine with us; however, trays are $5 each and can be paid prior to mealtime directly to the business office.

Can residents receive mail?

Mail received at the facility is delivered to our residents, unless we have been instructed to provide to another party by the resident or legal representative. Any outgoing mail can be given to our receptionists. Stationary, postage stamps, and writing utensils are available from the Business Office.

Are residents provided with phones?
Most of our rooms in our skilled unit are equipped with personal phones. However, if you are here for a short-term stay and in need of a personal phone but your room does not come equipped with one, you may borrow a cell phone from the facility. Based on availability, we may be able to lend you a cell phone for your personal use during your stay with us. Please contact the Admissions Office if you are interested or in need of further information.
Are televisions provided?

Televisions are provided in our short-term rehabilitation unit. Many long term care residents also have televisions provided by the facility; however, long-term residents are responsible for providing their own television if their long-term room is not equipped with a TV. Residents are welcome to bring in a reasonably-sized television (anything 24” or smaller) for private use in their room. The Maintenance Supervisor must inspect and approve the television prior to it being utilized in each resident’s room.

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